2 Pack Playing Cards Combo

KSh 2,279.00

2 Packs of 52 playing cards each. Fun for the whole family. Ages 5+



2 Packs of playing cards.
Pack one contains values that live inside our children.
Pack two celebrates and embraces our diversity and reminds children that each one of them is valued.


⚬ Each pack contains 52 playing cards plus 3 instruction cards.
⚬ The size of the cards is 7.5cm W x 10cm H
⚬ 4 classic games can be played with the pack; Go Fish, Memory Game, Charades and Snap.
⚬ Combine both packs and have even more fun.
⚬ Made in Kenya!
⚬ Fun for the whole family. Age 5+

We hope that these cards will create opportunities to talk about:
⚬ values and how the things we do and say form the foundation of who we are.
⚬ our differences in positive ways whilst learning about embracing each other.

All this and more whilst having many moments of fun & bonding with family and friends.

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